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NO.1 A newborn infant is assessed using the Apgar assessment tool and scores 6. The infant has a
heart rate of 95, slow and irregular respiratory effort, and some flexion of extremities. The infant is
pink, but has a weak cry. The nurse should know that this Apgar score along with the additional
symptoms indicates the neonate is:
A. Needing to be warmed
B. Needing special assistance
C. Needing immediate life-sustaining measures
D. Functioning normally
Answer: B

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NO.2 Which of the following techniques should the nurse implement to prevent the patient's
mucous membranes from drying when the oxygen flow rate is higher than 4 liters per minute?
A. Use a high flow oxygen delivery system
B. Ensure that the prongs are in the nares correctly
C. Use a non rebreather mask
D. Add humidity to the delivery system
Answer: D

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